Driving Lessons

 I believe that driving is a practical skill, so I always try to get people moving the car for themselves as quickly as possible after the appropriate lesson in cockpit and controls. The pupil can ask as many questions he or she wants and we only progress at a speed that is comfortable for them.  At the beginning of each lesson we recap on previous session, going over any points that need attention, and I will make clear the objectives in the next lesson.  All this information will be logged in front of the pupil so they can see "in black and white" how their training is progressing.

As the training progresses, I encourage pupils to take a mock test. I use an iPad pro for this (although I won't be holding it in my hands). This is not to dash the pupils' confidence; it's just to see if there are any strengths or weaknesses which might need attention before the test is taken.

Please remember, people learn at different rates. In a lot of cases the pupils instinct knows when they're ready to apply for the test.


Paul gave me the confidence to drive, he was relaxed with me which made me feel relaxed! He is a great driving instructor and I passed 2nd time! 1st time with no fault of his teaching, purely stupidity on my part! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone. If it wasn't for him I would probably still be learning now! 
Sophie Hughes
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