Changes to the Driving Test

The driving test is changing on the 4th of December 2017.

The main changes are:

The "Turn in the Road" and "Reverse Left round a corner" are being removed.

The manoeuvres the pupil will be tested on are:

Reverse Parallel Park

Reverse Bay Parking

Forward Bay Parking

Pulling over on the right hand side of the road, reversing a couple of car lengths, and moving off again.

The 10 minute independent drive will be replaced by a 20 minute Sat Nav drive.

The current "Show Me/Tell Me" questions stay the same, but the "Show Me" question will be done on the move while driving.

*The Turn in the Road and the Reverse Left round a corner will still be taught if requested.*

For full details on these changes go to and search for changes to the driving test.

I was initially quite nervous about learning to drive, but Paul was really patient and friendly, and let me learn at a pace that I was comfortable with. I always really looked forward to my driving lessons each week, and went away feeling like I’d made some progress or learned something new – and I passed first time! Thank you :)
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